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  • Every Year more than 150 people die in the United States from the effects of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning , thousands are ill from the toxic gas. It is invisable and odorless that is why the use of a Carbon Monoxide Detector is a good Idea.
  • Motion Detectors Can act as  Fire Alarm to detect a Fire its always good to have a tested and working Smoke Detector.
  • Burglaries increase in the summer time because people leave their windows and doors open inviting burglars in
  • Air Conditioners or a fan is a good investment to keep a room cool and lock your windows and doors.
  • Elliminate telltale signs that you are away whenever you travel by asking a nieghbor to collect your mail and news papers and to look over your property. A Security System with Automated Lighting is a good deterent.